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Our floating classroom teaches through experiential fun... these outdoor school activities are 1 hour west of Toronto, Ontario.

The cost for the rafting trip is $35.00 per student plus tax...  includes teaching guides, our education program and all equipment. Transportation not included. 

Our trips average 3-5 hrs, but we can customize to fit your time window.

We own a private riverside picnic area & washrooms along the way for BBQs.

For full details on the educational component visit our program options link

We offer programs from Grades 6 to University Levels.... with 3 different routes.

Below is a taste of one of our team building exercises... Blind Mans Race!

Watch the video of this fun but team cohesive challenge... Blind Mans Race!


Please review our Waivers and Risk Management Plans ... we also carry full liability, available upon request.

And if you can't get permission to raft... we offer hiking classroom adventures covering the same program content.

For other outdoor learning adventures for public school grades... we highly recommend the programs hosted by the GRCA at Apps Mill... link.

2016 Reviews from Winston Churchill Public School (grade 8)

"This field trip was simply amazing.  The staff were very knowledgeable and they were very well trained.  Also very friendly and enthusiastic.  Safety was a priority (no peanuts in food).  Very organized day.  Very very good scenery.  Very well maintained and very clean.  They had fun activities off to the side eg. cave exploring, raft making, edible plants, natural spring water and hiking.  Fun experience overall!" 

"The floating classroom was a very educational and fun experience.  The staff were very friendly and knew what they were talking about.  The rafting was amazing and the scenery around the river was beautiful.  The guides on the rafts were very helpful, and answered any questions we had.  I recommend going on this trip!  It's worth every penny." 

"They had great staff and the staff knew all about the plants and history of the place.  The place was well organized and easy to walk through.  They provided for us while we waited when there were problems with transportation.  Lastly it was very fun and they kept us safe." 

"Grand River Rafting was one of the best experience I've ever had, even for inexperienced people. The environment was very well cared for and preserved, making it very intriguing. Not only was the staff educated but they were very friendly, which made the rafting much more fun. Safety precautions were key, so I wasn't scared of trying new things. Everything was planned from the activities to the food, which made everything flow smoothly. They were also very thoughtful, and acknowledged my needs. Not only was it fun but it was also very informative, making it a promising experience." 

" Had a wonderful trip, the guides were friendly and knowledgeable, had many new experiences, the little stops in between the raft trip was fun." 


"I had a good experience at the hiking classroom.  We learned what plants you can eat,  and what plants are poisonous. One of the activities we did was making a fire, I liked making a fire. We got to find different things to make it. Another great thing they did for us was make us lunch.  They had even made cookies. To top it off we got told about the First Nations and how they lived.  This is a trip I would go on again."

An Itinerary Photo Gallery of Our Floating Classroom...and Experiences

Rafting is the safest way to paddle the Grand River...  rafts don't tip like canoes and kayaks.

The students are not at risk because the guide has steering control of the raft... allowing everyone to safely enjoy a paddling experience on the river.

Just excellent for non-swimmers... and the art of team work takes place while paddling the rafts

History that is real....

Visit the last open gypsum mine from the 1830's.

See the conditions that miners endured... learn how plaster put the town of Paris on the map.

Discover where the plaster mills where and the river steamship routes to move the material.

Taste fresh spring water...

Students delight in dumping the contents of their water bottles and filling up with the real thing.

At the springs, students experience the coldness and the uniqueness of taste. Filling up with spring drinking water is an experience that delights youth to adults...  video clip


The return of wildlife to the Grand River Valley... is a story in itself.

Along the route the rafts drift by one of the largest blue heron rookeries in the valley. In early June there is a unique noise in the air... the chattering of over 300 blue herons... short video clip.

Learn about the return of the beaver, turkey, brush wolves, eagles,osprey and fish... even a cougar story.

Experience the power of water that turned the mills...

If the water is warm...body surfing is the highlight of the trip... where everyone can lay back to float down the river in their lifejackets.

Though not dangerous it is a great way to gain understanding of the power of water ... whether gentle or strong.

Here is a video clip on our body surfing experience

Learn about medicinal and edible plants... short hikes are conducted along the way to teach plant & tree identification.

Students learn about the native medicinal & edible uses of the fauna.

If in season... the guides bring samples to taste.

The hike is through the carolinian forest with the largest selection of plants in Canada.

 Aboriginal history at its best...

Learn about the legendary Attawandarons.

An amazing nation that ruled this valley with ruthlessness. At one time dominating both the Huron, Petun, Cat and Five Nations.

Understand how the Grand River came under Six Nations control.

Circle Talks are done at bluffs or the old Oak during lunch. Students learn about this extinct nation... their wars... their lifestyle and their quirks!

Samples of flint tools are brought along to handle. and the art of flint knapping is explained.

Team building competitions of laughter and imagination...

Grand River Rafting offers a great selection of outdoor competitions that require imagination and teamwork... as we paddle the river.

Competitions from "Cook dat egg" ...  Noah's Rock... Blind Man's Race...

We include our teachinmg Joe Bushman Quiz with questions like "what animal invaded the United States in hordes by swimming across the Niagara River?".