Algonquin Canoe Trip Planning Course Ontario

Algonquin Park canoe trip planning course... one hour west of Toronto, Ontario... learn steering, packing, portaging, food lists, map-trip planning and wilderness “need to know instruction” for Algonquin, Killarney, Quetico and other canoe routes. Learn from an experienced canoeist.

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Get ready to plan your own canoe trip into Algonquin Park.

Your instructor is Jeff Kittmer owner of Wolfden Expeditions... specializing in overnight canoe and kayak trips.

This “7 in 1” canoe trip course gives beginners new to canoe tripping, the skills and confidence to go out and do it. We actually have the equipment there for you to handle… learn to organize… pack and unpack… and setup.

Prices: $150.00 each, based on minimum of two people. Includes 2 hours of paddling, 3 hours of land base instruction, all training equipment, written lesson material, shuttle ride Additional people $75 each beyond the first two. Tax not included. 

1. Canoe Paddling Techniques… Start out with a paddling trip for 8kms to develop steering skills and bow strokes for maneuvering the canoe… learn proper entry/exit… how to load a canoe… sail a canoe… read moving water…  choice of life jacket, paddles and canoes… problem solving scenarios that one might experience on a trip. 

2. Portaging Smarts… different techniques for  lifting a canoe up… how to move everything across in one pass… foot wear and what to expect… resting techniques… locating portages from the water… and actually doing a 400 meter portage.


This 5 hour course has 2 hours of paddling and 3 hours of dry land instruction

3. Food Planning and Cooking…  what food to bring… making a meal plan… meal prep… cooking utensils… portable stoves and building fires... park regulations... wildlife proofing.  

4. What & How to Pack… choosing your clothes… sleeping bags… tents & ground pads… other needed equipment… pack selection… how to pack… prioritizing what is packed.  

5. Camp Setup Priorities… learning a sequence for setting up camp based on storm prep… choices to consider when making camp… groups will learn techniques by actually setting up a camp with helpful instruction. 

6. Map Reading & Trip Lengths… how to choose a route that matches your abilities… string technique for length of daily paddle… planning in inclement weather… how to read maps… compass training… map prep for canoe use.  

7. Preparing for Emergency, Wildlife and Weather… what is needed in a first aid kit… dealing with bugs & blisters… choices to make with high winds & lightning… wildlife scenarios and cautions…  water proofing your supplies and yourself for rain.


This is very hands-on… practical!

For groups not wanting either the land-base lessons or not wanting the paddling technique lessons… the prices have been broken down below:

  Paddle Technique Lessons Only  (Taxes not Included)

The 3 hours of instructional canoe paddling techniques is $180 plus tax for one to two people.

Includes canoe, paddles, life-jackets, instructor, shuttle.  Additional people are $75.00 each plus tax.

 Camping Lessons Only  (Taxes not Included)

The 3 hour land-base instruction is $200 plus tax for a group of 1-10 people.

The land–base course covers portaging, food, packing, camping and camp priorities, map reading and emergency situations.