Christian Retreats Toronto Grand River Ontario

Open 7 days a week  .  April til October  .  Reservations required

This is my Father's World... I rest me in the thought...

Christian retreats for churches and youth groups in Ontario, one hour west of Toronto... an outdoor activity for all ages on the Grand River!

Let Grand River Rafting help you plan an event for a day or a weekend.

We can customize the outing to the needs and timing of your Christ-Centered event. We specialize in rafting and turbo tubing... a highlight for youth groups

But also offer canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddleboard, hiking and camping in the Grand Valley.

We also can help you with overnight lodgings and camping... we even have access to a site on the Grand River with cabins, dining hall and cooking facilities.

We can assist you with doing your own cookout or supply catered barbeques and Tripper lunches.

On a hot summer day there always seems to be an evil splashing raft... sometimes hard to tell which one it is!

 Rafting allows everyone... regardless of skill, size or age to be in the middle of it all in total safety... like sitting around a big kitchen table... only the scenery changes!

We know the valley well... our contact with churches can assist in finding local speakers to enhance your time of reflection or campfire.

So knock on our door... let us know your itinerary with God... and we will give you a quote of what can be done at this end.

For Reservations Call 519-442 2519 or email us at

God Bless... 


Garth Pottruff,  Grand River Rafting Company

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 A wild turkey hen with three chicks along the bluffs of the Grand River Valley