Corporate Trips... Team Building Grand River

Open April til November . 7 days a week . Reservations Required  

Avoiding the Splash!
Corporate Turbo Tubing  .  Treasure Quest Adventure  .  Whitewater Splash

Discover Corporate Team Building 1 hour west of Toronto... on the Grand River. 

Here is a video of our Grand River Rafting adventure and the experiences. 

Specializing in Team Events where everyone can play... regardless of size, skill or age.

We offer a menu of team challenges... a favorite is our Blind Man's Race

For our menu of team challenges... where imagination wins... contact us !

We also partner with an archery & gun range in Ontario for the agressive ones on your staff!

With us... you can tell us your time window and what you would like to experience... and we will customize the adventure to fit.

If needing meeting rooms or meals, we can help arrange that too.

For food lovers, you can use our cater called "The Kitchen".

Or we can direct you towards one of the many restaurants in Paris.

For reservations, call 519-442 2519 or email us at

 Challanges that bring out the Joe Bushman in everyone!

Our Corporate Adventures
Plain Jane Adventure #1 without a guide  

We launch you from the Paris Dam and the group rafts down to the Brant Conservation Area using  maps. The trip is 3-4 hours long. Each raft holds up to 8 people. Optional... you can add a guide to show the way, points of interest and safety.

Cost:$150.00 per raft of up to 8 people plus $10.00 per person plus HST.Guide cost is $150.00 plus HST (suggest 1 guide per 24 people)

Have A Guide in Each Raft Adventure #2    

Along the way the guide steers the raft, shows where to drink spring water, visit an old mine from the 1830's and body surfing. We launch you from the Paris Dam and the group rafts down to the Brant Conservation Area. The trip is 3-4 hours long. Each raft holds up to 7 people plus the guide. 

Cost: $300.00 per raft for up to seven people, plus $10.00 per person plus HST.

Team Building Adventure #3 with a guide in each raft

Along the way the guide steers the raft, showing the valley and things to do. But also includes a choice of two team challenges below:  

1) Fork It Over… each raft has one balloon tied on it… and each raft is equipped with plastic forks… and the goal is to pop the balloons on the other rafts, but protect your own

2) Holy Smoke… each raft is given a cave man bow drill kit of wood, but no instructions…  they have to figure out how to assemble the bow drill and create smoke. First to get smoke wins. 

3) Cook Dat Egg… each raft is given tin foil, an egg and matches. They have to design a pot that will hold water, they must build a fire, boil the egg and eat it in a well done condition. If the egg is runny the team is disqualified. 

4) Noah’s Rock… each team is given duct tape. They must collect wood from the bush, build & design a duct-tape boat that will support a 10lb rock in a race through rapids on the river. 

5) The Office Fishing Kit… each team is given two paper clips, a file, pliers and fishing line. They must design their own fishing pole, build a weight, make a hook from the paper clip, find bait and catch a fish. Largest fish wins. 

6) Whose the Boss… a tug of war in the rafts with an assigned person sitting on the bow of each raft...this bow-person is tied around the waist with arms up in the air... joined by rope to their twin position in the other raft. At the word "go" each team rows backwards.

7) Here Moosee Moosee... each team listens to a bull and cow moose call... then each member does their best imitation. The team then chooses their best caller to compete in a “call off “against the other teams! 

8) Blind Man's Race... everyone is blind-folded in the raft except for the chosen "eye". This person sits in the front to direct. This is a race across the river and back with the leader being the eyes & direction for the team... an amazing event to watch!

Cost: $300.00 per raft for up to seven people, plus $15.00 per person plus HST.


Turbo Tubing (Everyone can do this!)

This is our couch potato trip! Where we take you upstream and you paddle your Turbo Tube through a series of easy rapids back to one of our BBQ sites. This tubing trip takes about 3-4 hours to do.  You can have a safety guide bring up the rear. 

Cost: $32 per person plus HST if six or more people. A safety guide if wanted is $150 plus HST for the day. 

Best Staff Appreciation Event Yet!!” 5 of 5 stars (Customer TripAdvisor Review)

Each year we have an event planned for the staff of our office.

This year picked Grand River Rafting.....What a Hoot!!! Weather great, guides great, food awesome, river amazing. Most of us had no idea the river was so beautiful.

Highlight was the balloon fight, midway....everyone got soaked! Excellent way to blow off steam!!!! Thanks Garth and crew........  more

“Excellent for Coporate or Group Retreat”    (Customer TripAdvisor Review) 5 of 5 stars

I booked this trip for our work retreat. Garth thought of absolutely everything and made everything run so smoothly. From directions to maps to marshmallows at night, the team made the trip seamless.

We stayed in tents, provided by Garth, while others were in the Five Oaks Chalet, which has a full kitchen, ample space, and was neat and clean.

The river rafting, team building exercises, and kayaking trip were perfect and we felt so well taken care of.

The food was fantastic and gourmet. The chef was able to cater to all our dietary restrictions (there were a lot!).

They took an effort to make everything accessible for small kids, non-swimmers, and even a puppy.

I would recommend this company for groups events. We hope to come back as a family to enjoy the incredibly beautiful river next year. I would say this trip was definitely worth the money and the team went above and beyond to make it memorable.... more