Six Nations Iroquoian Learning Experiences

Open 7 days a week . April til November. Reservations Required


Experience the Six Nations... the Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse).  

A confederacy of the Seneca . Cayuga . Onondaga . Oneida . Mohawk . Tuscarora.

Add to your Grand River Rafting trip a Canadian Aboriginal learning experience.

Interact with a Mohawk Speaker . Iroquoian dancing . Indigenous medicine.

All speaker sessions cost $125.00... dancing fees vary with time length.


Traditional Mohawk Speaker

Wolf is a Mohawk, part of the Iroquoian Six Nations. He has done numerous lectures on the ways of the Iroquois. He was formerly one of the interpreters teaching at the 17th century longhouse village called Kanata in Brantford, Ontario.  He is also part of the touring British Native Allies historical re-enactment group that performs in Ontario and the United States. Wolf has also assisted and role played in many documentaries of the Iroquois people and their history.

Wolf does not teach the “Pan Indian” culture saturated by Hollywood. Authenticity and preservation of traditional Iroquoian culture is very important to him. Wolf is also very knowledgeable on native treaties. He also has an interesting selection of furs, artifacts and teaching aids to visually enhance a learning experience with him.  

Wolf has excellent communication skills and is easy to listen to. His blend of sincerity, integrity and humour enriches the moment. He is skilled at group interaction... his presentations offer a refreshing outlook with gainful insight. Wolf is available to speak year round.


Tribal Vision Mohawk Powwow Dancers

Naomi and Dereck Martin's family are Mohawk Powwow dancers forming the group called Tribal Vision. They not only demonstrate dancing but teach group Iroquois dancing. Tribal Vision offers interactive instructional group dancing to Iroquoian music... from traditonal to imaginative. 

This unique experience adds a new dimension to everyone’s life…  putting smiles on faces.  

They are available to do group interactive demonstrations where participants raft down the river to meet them for a dance experience along the shores of the Grand. Link

Tribal Visions will also travel to the event you wish to host.

Learn About the Art of Making Arrowheads

Mike is a flintknapper... and a flintnapper is a person who sculptures flint & chert rocks into useable tools like arrowheads, scrapers, knives and spearheads. Sceduke permitting... Mike is available to come and do demonstrations of flintknapping with the typical tools used by the First Nations before the arrival of the Europeans. This learning adventure is a unique group demonstrations... unknown to many. Link