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Welcome to Our Iroquois Crafts Workshop Page

All of the outfits are handmade by Naomi & Dereck Martin... amazing beadwork.

Besides Mohawk Dance Workshops... Tribal Vision also offers craft workshops on the art of beading, minature drums, dance sticks and dance fans.

Tribal Vision is available to travel to your event.

Tribal Visions email contact ... website link... phone 1-519-865-2187

Below is a selection of available craft workshops

Mini-Hand Drum Craft... Create a decorative ornament using a 3" drum frame, leather, paint and your imagination. Time requirements 30-60 minutes.

Mini-Water Drum Craft... A decorative ornament using a 1.5" drum frame, leather & paint. Time requirements 30-60 minutes.

Mini-Dance Sticks Craft... A useable decorative dance ornament using 4' dowel, beads, flashey tape and feathers. Time requirements 30-60 minutes. When completed you can dance with them or hang on your wall... great cat toy!

Mini-Dance Fans... A useable decorative dance ornament using feathers, glue/tape and wood. When completed you can dance with them. Time requirements 30-60 minutes.

Bead-Workshops available... time requirement minimum of 4 hours... done in one session or in multi-sessions.

Below is some beadwork as demonstrated on the outfit of the Workshop Instructor... Naomi Martin