Art of Flintknapping Southern Ontario

Ever wanted to learn how arrow heads are made... well this is the person!

Flint knapping in Southern Ontario is one of those those lost arts that can still be learned.

Mike the Flintknapper makes the world of stone come alive. You can bring your found arrowheads and stone artifacts... let him tell you how they were made, where the rock came from, how old the point is and who made them!

Mike can be contacted directly at this email.

It is all in the swing... hitting the right spot for the right break... then snapping with pressure to make the final flint cutting edge.

Pending on Mike's schedule... he is available to come and speak to groups and do demonstrations on the art of flintnapping. For groups camping with Grand River Rafting he can come to the campsite and do flintknapping demonstrations in the evening while the light is good. 

Mike also does lessons, talks and demonstrations on the following:

1) Making cordage (rope) from wild plants...  Mike's Primitive Arts Cordage Link

2) How to make fire with a fire drill or bow drill... Mike's Primitive Fire Starting Link 

Above are copper tools, moose & deer antlers... the perfect rocks and wood... all essential for flintknapping

A flintknapper's best friends are safety glasses, tweezers for removing tiny pieces of quartz that come out of the rock, gloves and bandages. The assortment of tools used by the First Nations to knap would not include copper but antler, bone and stone.

A flintknapper just learning the art normally goes through about 50 pounds of rock before making their first arrowhead. It takes a good knapper about 90 minutes to make a high quality point. A 2.5-3 hr group learning session with Mike is $200.00.

Private lessons are available... please contact Mike with your request... email 

Above are some completed stone points by Mike... as one handles these pieces of art... the capability of craftmanship is astonishing. The highlight for many is watching a chunk of rock being formed into an equiste point from the most simplest of tools.

If looking for a "one of a kind" unique learning adventure... suitable for all ages... then "Mike the Knapper" maybe your next guest speaker.

Below is a video of Mike the Knapper teaching Grand River Rafting staff the art of flint knapping...the art of making rope from wild plants... and the unique art of fire drills!



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