Iroquois Kanata Village Brantford Ontario

Visit Kanata Village in Brantford... an Iroquois Longhouse in Southern Ontario.(actually spelt Kana:ta)

This Iroquois Longhouse is owned and operated by the Haudensaounee Nation (Six Nations).

The teaching-curator staff are members of the Six Nations.. thus offering a very unique chance for students to have an authentic interactive experience.

Try the pilot project where people can "experience the real thing" ... the opportunity to sleep inside the palisade... plus an an evening story telleraround the fire in the longhouse.

The Brantford Kanata Village school programs not only offers guided tours of the palisade longhouse, but also offers:

  • A tour of a  real cedar maze in the shape of a turtle with the Iroquoian Tree of Peace in the center.
  • The opportunity to learn about and play the Game of the Creator... and other Haudenosaunee field games
  • Teaches on the culture of the Six Nations (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida and the little brothers the Tuscarora.
  • A mock archery hunt
  • Traditional arts and crafts
  • Social interactive group dancing
  • Guest speakers on story telling, language, residential schools, treaties.
  • The opportunity to paddle to Kanata village and stay overnight in the longhouse with a story teller.

For more information Kana:ta Village Contact Us link ... 519-774-6721 or email.


2018 Kanata Village Price List

Palisade, Root Cellar and Replica Longhouse Experience at Kanata Village 

The Iroquois Kanata Village Longhouse offers the chance for schools to enrich their experiences with a nearby visit to four points of interest:

 1) Her Majesty's Royal Chapel of the Mohawks ... about 500 meters away.

 2) The Woodland Cultural Centre... about 1km away

 3) The Mohawk Institute Residential School... (last standing residential school in Ontario... about 1km away)

 4) Chiefswood National Historic Site... about 20km away

 5) The Territories of the Six Nations of the Grand River... 20km away

 The Iroquois Longhouse at Kanata Village is open year round.