Native Studies Curriculum Ontario Trips

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Customized field trips on native studies... curriculums that combine Iroquois history, interactive dancing, edible plant hikes... 1 hour west of Toronto, Ontario. 

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Customize your native studies trip... Choose from a menu of curriculum choices... Create your own time window... half days, full days and multi-days.
Menu of Choices:

A Walk Through Time... a guided museum tour with a Six Nations Intepreter starting in 1400 AD moving through the Iroquois history & culture to the present. Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours at the Woodland Cultural Centre.  Woodland Cultural Centre Link

Tour the Last Residential School in Ontario...  a tour educating on the cultural abuse suffered by young native children while attending the school called the "Mush Hole"... if requested, a school "Survivor" may be available to do the tour. Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours at the Woodland Cultural Centre.  Woodland Cultural Centre Link 

Six Nations Educational Bus Tours of the Grand River Territories... These bus tour offers students the opportunity to speak directly with community members. The goal is to tear down the stero-types and share the little known history and culture of Six Nations with students. Link 

First Nations Singing & Dancing... this is an interactive program with hands-on experiences. Groups not only learn about social native singing and dancing... but do it. Sessions are about 1 to 1.5 hours in length. Can be hosted in the Woodland Cultural Centre. Tribal Vision will also travel to schools. Tribal Vision Link

Metis Drum & Medicine Bags... learn about the drum building, drumming and medicinal plants and healing ($275 per group)... or do a session on making medicine bags ($15 per person) Link

Powwow Singing Competition... the group is divided into two teams... the group is then taught a powwow melody... then each team has to compete in a sing-off for volume, clarity, harmony and good sportsmanship. ($200 per group) Link

Edible Medicinal Hiking Classroom... Guided hikes in the Carolinian Forest teaching about the trees & plants used by First Nations. Hikes are 1-2 hours, customized to fit your time window. Cost $15 per person Hiking Classroom Link

Life of a Voyageur Canoeist... Jay Bailey is an "Authentic Voyageur Speaker" with birch bark canoe expeditions of over 4,000 kilometers along fur trade routes in North America. Topics about the 1650 to 1850 Voyageur period... clothing, equipment, diet, daily routine, songs, games, dancing, routes, portages, canoe material and sizes. Discuss the importance of the fur trade in establishing the Dominion of Canada... as well as the debt of gratitude we owe to the native peoples.  Voyageur Program

The Art of Making Arrowheads, Rope & Fire...  this three in one, is a demonstration of knapping flint, making rope from the plants and making fire with a hand drill. With the chance to win the knapped arrowhead. Sessions 1.5 to 3 hours in length. Cost $200.00 per group. Knapping Link

       Cordage Material Link

          Flint Knapping Link

            Fire Drill Link

Other Native Study Experiences

Mohawk Chapel... Visit the oldest Protestant church in Ontario, built 1785, and one of two Royal Chapels outside the United Kingdom. Link

Chiefswoods Mansion... visit the home of Pauline Johnson, the famous Mohawk Poet. The oldest surviving pre-confederate Native Mansion in Ontario, remains as a testament to their culture and heritage.  Link

Traditional Medicine & Ojibway Cultural Speaker... Myeengun Henry promotes the natural laws and traditional medicines of Native Americans. He is also available to travel to groups and speak. Link