Nature's Craft Corner GROWE


Introduction (5 minutes) 

We will meet with the clients and do introductions. We will also go over our plans for how the program will run. 

Nature Talk (20 minutes)

The Nature Talk will be based on a nature theme that we have chosen for our craft. We will include; characteristics, status, habitat, placement in the food chain, diet and human roles in their populations. 

Wild Walk (30 minutes) 

Next, we will do a quick safety talk and then head out on our hike. We will make stops to discuss topics that are related to our nature theme. For example, if the nature theme was Giraffes we would stop to talk about how their long necks can reach high for the leaves on the trees and how their camouflage works. 

Craft Time (30 minutes)

After the walk we will head back to do our craft 

Conclusion/Good Byes (5 minutes) 

We will wrap up our program by asking the clients for any comments or feedback they would like to share. Lastly, we will say our good byes.


 Grand River Wilderness Outdoor Education is the passion of Jessica McGregor and Tara Carpenter... "Get to Know Them".

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Cost Will be based per Craft not per Person