Ontario Kayak Yoga Meditation Program

Welcome to our Ontario Kayak Yoga Meditation Program in the Grand River Valley.  

New is a Full Moon Kayak Trip this 2017 season on Friday June 9, Sunday July 9 and Monday August 7th.
Also a Summer Solstice Event on Wednesday June 21, 2017. 
These kayak yoga program is hosted near Paris, Ontario by "Ageless Arts & Yoga".
Yoga kayaking is like "Liquid Medicine for the Soul"- enjoy the nature around you - on the water, earth & mat.
Gratify your longing for a meaningful connection to nature as you explore kayaking, yoga & meditation along the beauty of the Grand River.
Tap into nature's profound ability to inspire us and help us gain clarity in our lives as we: 
  • Delight in the flow of mindfully paddling down the Grand River
  • Relax into tranquil walking and floating meditations
  • Practice Yoga in the beauty of nature to balance mind, body & spirit
  • Breathe into the present moment
Cost: $135 with taxes included. Price includes kayak, paddle, life jackets, safety kit, dry bag, river guide, yoga & meditation... plus return shuttle to your vehicle and park entrance fee. Full details... link
2017 Dates: Sundays... May 28th, June 25, July 23, August 20, September 10
Private bookings available upon request as well.
Timing: 8:30am - finish  
Location: Brant Park Conservation Area... map link
Contact Us: Ageless Arts & Yoga or call 519 498-1017
You are welcome to arrive before 8:30am. In order to stay in the present moment we are not including a program "end time". We estimate the experience to be about 3-5 hours in length.
Whether you're experienced or an eager beginner, this joyful immersion in sun, water, and inner and outer peace offers a fresh mindful approach to kayaking, yoga meditation and is designed to be inclusive and gentle.  

Come ride on the "serpent back" of the mighty Grand River. 

Watch as the canvas of life opens and closes with each stroke.  

There is a timelessness here - a great journey that is ever flowing but never going home.

When done - when the paddle has touched the shore - you are different; even if it is only for the moment of being there.


"Discover the Best of the Grand"