Outdoor Drumming Circles Toronto Ontario

We offer drumming circles near Toronto Ontario... with drumming experiences outdoors, around campfires, rafting on the Grand River or inside as well.

Drumming circles are amazing fun... a universal language of rhythm... something every tongue and Nation can do together.

Our drumming circle sessions are 1 hour west of Toronto, Ontario... about 10 minutes off the 403 highway near Paris Ontario

Enjoy an outdoor adventure where a group can interact together through non-verbal communication on the beautiful Grand River.

Experience a night sessions of drumming together while drifting on the river... an amazing amphitheater of sound.  

Cost for a 90 minute land drumming session of up to 35 people is $250.00 plus HST. 

A drumming experience while rafting is $50.00 each plus tax.

Sessions are available indoor and outdoors year round. 

To view video of Group Drumming Circle... click here


Themes within the Drumming Program:  

Learning that you only get better the more you do it!  

Learning that drumming is not about what you are playing, but how it sounds in sync with the rest.  

Learning how to say a lot without speaking.  

Learning how to stop mind chatter by focus... playing back rhythms heard.

Having fun interacting together with body drumming. 

Meet your Instructor   

Jeffrey Aaron Lyons, aka "DRUMLYONS" is a graduate of the Mohawk College Jazz Music Performance program. A "Transcendental Drummer" as well as Educator, Jeff has been teaching for 11 years. His goal is to share the magic discovered through the vibrational impact of drumming.  

Excellent group sessions that create team-buildiing, effective communication, the art of practice, focus, stress reduction and healing!