Winter Survival in the Wild GROWE


Introduction (10 minutes) 

We will meet with the clients have introductions and outline the itinerary of the program. The guides will go through a safety talk and risk management. 

Fire Building (30 minutes)

Our guides will walk clients through a series of fire starters from dryer lint, birch bark, cat tails etc, their origins and a variety of ways to start the tinder. We will experiment with flint and steel to give an understanding of the importance of the techniques of starting your fire. We will break into groups of 4-5 for a team building exercise with the primitive bow drill fire starter. After the demonstration of fire starting techniques clients will be unleashed for a hands-on experience of building their own fire using the variety of fire starters shown and available.    

Hike (one hour)

Our guides will lead you through the forest of Five Oaks in an interactive way that will have you seeing the outdoors in a whole new light. The forest is alive in a whole different way during the winter season and we will investigate and discover what the winter woods has to offer.  We will explore the trail by identifying trees, plants and birds along the way. Clients will be treated to a taste of the abundance of winter wild edibles that nature has to offer.   

Shelter Building (30 minutes)

Building shelters can be the most exciting part of the outdoor survival scenario. Our guides will explain the variety of structures and the materials to utilize when building a shelter. Clients will be released into the forest to rummage, collect and build the wild shelter of their dreams. 

Question/Answer/Good Byes (20 minutes)

We will all join around the fire for circle time where we pass the talking stick to share what we learned and enjoyed during the program.



2.5 hour Program                    1 guide per every 20 people


1-4 people  $65.00
5 or more people  
Senior ages 60 +  $20 each
Adult  $25 each
Teen   ages 13-17 years  $20 each
Youth ages 6-12 years)  $10 each
Child (ages 5 and under)  Free



Group Pricing



Group Size



Cost Per Group


15 - 20 Participants
21 - 30 Participants
31 - 50 Participants